About Beryllos

Hi and welcome to Beryllos!

I am Rodrigo, founder of Beryllos, a place where you will find the best emeralds in the world: Colombian Emeralds.

Beryllos was born as a passion for a country that has wonderful things to offer. We want to show the best in Colombia.

Our Emeralds are known for their uniqueness and beautiful green is definitely the best in the world.

We source the emeralds ourselves from a great selection of miners having only the best gemological procedures to ensure the best quality material for jewellers, this allows us to provide excellent prices and better customer service. Our mission is to build trusting relationships and offer the best stones to you and your customers. 

Mineral Specimen

For further information please contact us on info@beryllos.co or 0402 255 287


Paola holding emerald specimen

 Boyaca Mountains in ColombiaMuzo


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